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Thanks for visiting the homepage of RIMAYA Nekozakura.

RIMAYA Nekozakura is a small specialty cat shop in Oyabe-shi, Toyama prefecture.
We are one of the very rare cat breeders in Japan breeding and selling
Savannah *(F1, F2, F3) and
Bengal (SBT).
F1 Savannah refers the cats with Serval as one of their parents.
Here for more details.

We keep all our parent cats, baby kittens, and pet cats indoors. We bring them to certified vets for regular check-ups and vaccine injections.

We treasure and nurture every single kitty as our family member.
We aim to breed and nurtures healthy, heart-healing, lovely cats as pets but also family members for customers.
RIMAYA Nekozakura is a small specialty cat store.
Breeding is arranged with consideration to the health conditions and abilities of the parent cats and thus it’s difficult to ensure we have babies ready all the time.
Waiting time may be long sometimes, your patience is appreciated.

Import of cats

RIMAYA Nekozakura supports cat import procedures, even for difficult species.
Procedures and English communication may be time-consuming.
They would be very much hard for unexperienced applicants but we are glad to provide support.

[Possible species for import]


Besides, RIMAYA Nekozakura has scheduled the import of the following two cats.
Autumn – winter this year: F1 Savannah cat

Shop information

Shop nameRimaya Nekozakura
Address1143 Anrakuji, oyabe-ahi, Toyama 932-0062, Japan
Owner nameMutsuko Okutaka

Official names of animal-handling business

Name of our business representativeMaya Okutaka
Company NameRIMAYA Nekozakura
Location1143 Anrakuji, Koyabe-shi, Toyama, Japan (zip:932-0062)
Type of animal handling businessSales
Registration Number富山県小販第008号
Registration day5th April 2017
Validity until4th April 2022

Official names in Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Business representativeMaya Okutaka
Location1143 Anrakuji, Koyabe-shi, Toyama, Japan (zip:932-0062)
Cost other than living priceFree shipping time
Payment methodCash, bank transfer
How to applyPlease use the inquiry form

Under the new Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals (Article 22, item 3) passing new born baby cats within 56 days after their birth is prohibited. RIMAYA Nekozakura passes baby cats to customers 60 days after birth. The time is totally decided according to the multiple time vaccine injections, season, health condition, characters,
and all individual conditions of the cat.

We have home delivery but exclusive to the Hokuriku area (Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures). Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.
Before receiving your cat, the owner (who is going to take care of the cat) need to sign a consent form and agree to all terms and conditions explained in our meeting.

*Baby cats sales cancellation

No cancellation after reservation, return, exchange of cats after sales because of the customers' personal preferences.

RIMAYA Nekozakura is a registered breeder in TICA (The International Cat Association).

Pedigree of our cats are all registered in TICA ( https://www.tica.org/en/ )