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Purchase flow


The enquiry form is readily available 24 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any cats not on the list. You can also reserve your visit through the enquiry form at any time. Here for enquiries


Visits are entirely by reservation exclusive to those who plan to purchase. Kindly understand we are not open for those who aim to just have a look on the rare species.

  • Also, new born baby cats are very delicate and sensitive to changes in environment, please follow the instructions and advice from our staff.


Please read through and agree our sales terms and conditions and make a reservation for purchase. The reservation is completed upon the payment of the reservation fee. No reservation fee would be charged for tentative reservations before the baby cat’s born.

  • Please be informed that we reserve the rights to adjust the time to pass you the baby cat according to the growth of the cat.

4.Receiving your cat

Under the new Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals (Article 22, item 3) passing new born baby cats within 56 days after their birth is prohibited. RIMAYA Nekozakura passes baby cats to customers 60 days after birth. The time is totally decided according to the multiple time vaccine injections, season, health condition, characters,
and all individual conditions of the cat.

We deliver the cat to nearest airport to your home.

We have home delivery but exclusive to
the Hokuriku area (Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures).
Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Before receiving your cat, the owner (who is going to take care of the cat) need to sign a consent form and agree to all terms and conditions explained in our meeting.

No return or exchange would be accepted because of the customers' personal preferences.

We provide after-sale support, please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.
Principally, we provide multiple-time vaccine injections before passing the cats.
The cost is included in the listed prices of the specimen.
*Baby cats sales cancellation
No cancellation after reservation, return, exchange of cats after sales because of the customers' personal preferences.


Life insurance

In case of death in 6 months from the day of passing, another cat with an equivalent value would be provided.

FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) insurance

FIP is an aberrant immune response to infection with feline coronavirus (FIPV) happens in cats. In the fatal case of FIP happens in 6 months from the day of passing, another cat with an equivalent value would be provided.

Exclusion cases

The above warranties are not applicable in incidents, illness, insufficient vaccine injection, or cases not diagnosed by vets that stemmed from intended incidents, human errors, and calamities.
In addition, the cat owner (purchaser) is liable for all costs for keeping, diagnosis, and medical cares after the purchase. The warranty is neither applicable in cases of death, injuries, and illness that caused by the owner, family members of the owner, and other pets kept in the same space.
The warranty shall not exceed the selling price of the cat.
The purchaser understands and agrees to all the above terms and conditions upon the signature of the consent at the purchase.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries before signing the agreement form.

Please contact us within 10 days in the case of death.

Diagnosis reports and vaccine certificates issued by certified vets in animal clinics are necessary for claiming the warranty.
Warranty is not applicable in the case of owner’s fault.

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