Please carefully go through the following before the purchase of Savannah cats.

Savannah cats F1- F3 are wild in nature. Sterilization is mandatory.

Mature Savannah (previous generations) may only get close to its owners.
They are like babies, and they listen to their owners, they are simply lovely and smart.

They get close to owners easily if you keep them since they are babies.
In RIMAYA Nekozakura, Savannahs learn well how to cope with other cats and human.

They can live for approx. 15 – 20 years. Please make sure you can keep them throughout their whole lives.

F1 Savannahs refer to the children between a Serval cat and pet cat.
Fe Savannahs refer to the children of F1 Savannah cat and another Savannah (STB).

The previous generation of Savannah is categorized as a kind of special designated animal in Washington accord,
while they are currently classified as pet kitty in Japan.

Basically they are the same as other cats, it’s legal to keep them in Japan.
There are no differences in the way to keep them and in other cats.

They are prohibited as pets in some other countries, regions, and states; imports and exports are all conducted under the permission of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Import is prohibited in some countries.

Servals are special designated animals.  The homepage of MOE, Ministry of the Environment List of approved animals in Japan

F1 – F3 Savannahs are not able to participate in the international TICA cat shows.
F1 – F3 Savannahs are commonly said as cat celebrities in world, their selling price, even for mature cats, is extremely high.
Furthermore, they need more exercise and food than other cats.
Please do not hesitate to approach us for any queries.